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Kwan Tai’s birthday is on the twenty fourth day of the sixth moon in the lunar calendar. In 2012, it falls on 11 Aug 2012.

Kwan Tai or Kwan Kung is considered the “God of War” and carries a sword, he is the patron of the police and also the triads!

You can visit the Man Mo temple on Hollywood road to see a statue of him from the 19th Century.  Unlike most temple statues it is a colorful one.  This temple is not just for him though, it is also for the good of literature as well which is why the temple is “Civil and martial”.

There is a small modern Kwan Tai temple on Cheung Chau as well.  Maybe visit it after the bun festival?

Kwan Tai was a real person like most Taoist “gods”; from the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220-265), he is a symbol of integrity and loyalty.

Other Chinese Gods:

– Tin Hau (Sea God)
– Kwun Yum
– Che Kung
– Tam Kung
– Monkey King

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