Festivals, Public Holidays and Events in Hong Kong

This is a list of holidays in Hong Kong.  All government offices and banks close on public holidays.  Beware of the Chinese New Year because some shops and restaurants close for a few days. (Please refer to Chinese New Year page for more detail)

Hong Kong 2020 Festival Calendar

The Chinese New Year 2020 Hong Kong will be the start of The Chinese Year of the Rat or Mouse. So 2020 might be good for Disneyland Hong Kong (the land of Micky Mouse), or alternatively, it might be good for all the rodents in the gutters!

Hong Kong 2019 Festival Calendar

Hong Kong 2019 Festival Calendar

Welcome to the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Luna zodiac.  A great year for those born in 1995, 1983, 1971 or any of the other pig years.  Although they are supposed to be a little slow they are also emotional and intelligent just like the animal they are named after.

Hong Kong 2016 Festival Calendar

This will be the Year of the Monkey in the Luna Calendar!  Watch out for plenty of Monkey-business, but the public holidays will still run according to schedule. As an ex British Colony, now part of China, and with a mix of English and Chinese influences the holiday and festival calendar is one of the busiest.

Hong Kong 2018 Festival Calendar

Home > Festivals > Hong Kong 2018 Festival Calendar Hong Kong 2018 Festival Calendar Festival Date in 2018 Public Holiday Notes   The first day of January 1 Jan Y Mon   Chinese New Year of the Dog 16 Feb Y Fri The second day of the Chinese Lunar New YearChe...

Hong Kong School Calendar

There are actually several different Hong Kong School Calendars depending on what type of school we are talking about.  Generally speaking, though they can be divided into two main categories; the “local” Chinese speaking schools, which includes government-run schools, and the “international” English speaking schools.

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