Whether you are looking for fine dining or roadside stalls there is plenty to choose from here.

If you don’t like MSG you will have problems because there is plenty in everything.

Breakfast choices in Hong Kong

Breakfast in Hong Kong is quite cheap in general (compare with Europe).  It ranges from HK$7 a bun to $30 a breakfast set in “tea restaurant” or Chinese congee/porridge with side snack.

What Hong Kong people eat for breakfast?

Children, ladies and small eaters will be happy with a bun or two.  The buns are not very attractive by Western standard because the bread is light and too moist.  Varieties include sausage, ham and cheese, custard, luncheon meat, dry shredded pork, egg and ham and stuff like that.

Other Chinese style breakfast includes:

  • plain rice congee/porridge with fried noodle
  • plain rice congee/porridge with ‘Yau Jar Qwei’ (a crispy long deep fried rice flour pastry looks like a bread stick)
  • plain rice congee/porridge with ‘Jar Leung’ (‘Jar’ means deep fried so it’s the ‘Yau Jar Qwei’ mentioned above wrapped in a roll of steamed rice flour pastry. The ‘Yau Jar Qwei’ is not crispy any more so I never like it!)
  • rice congee with minced meet and shredded lettuce or dry fish with peanut
  • A paper bag (lined with wax paper) of fried noodle with salty soya sauce and very little shredded ham and shredded carrot, cabbage.
  • ‘Cheong Fan’ – plain roll of steamed rice flour pastry mixed with your choice of salty soya sauce, sweet sauce and/or spicy mustard


Lunch choices in Hong Kong

Chinese people love ‘dim sum’.  We normally say ‘we go “Yam Char’ which means drinking tea though the quality of tea serves in restaurants varied enormously.What is ‘Dim Sum’?  Dim sum is typically something small.  It can be very meaty or purely starch, or both.  Dim sum are mostly steam cooked though it can still be oily.  The traditional way is to serve it in a bamboo basket coz it helps to keep the food warm before it’s sold to the customers.  You may find a list of ‘Dim sum’ in my “How To Have Dim Sum Guide“.

How can I go ‘Yam Char’ or having ‘dim sum‘?

It’s not too difficult but there are a few things you need to know.  It will make life simpler.  This is my “How To Have Dim Sum Guide“.


Dinner choices in Hong Kong


Traditional Chinese foods you have to try include:

Dim Sum:

Savory 蝦餃 Shrimp dumpling
燒賣 Minced pork and shrimp wrapped pastry
腸粉 Minced beef/BBQ pork or shrimp wrapped in rice flour pastry
煎蘿蔔糕 Fried turnip cake w/preserved pork sausages
煎芋頭糕 Fried yam cake
糯米卷 Glutinous rice roll
糯米雞 chicken and mushroom glutinous rice cooked in a lotus leaf
糯米飯 Chinese sausage and preserved pork glutinous rice
排骨 Pork rib in black bean sauce
春卷 Spring rolls – normally with pork, vegetarian sometimes
Dessert 煎堆仔 Red bean paste wrapped in deep fried sesame pastry
煎馬蹄糕 Fried water chestnut cake
豆腐花 Sweet bean curd, ginger is optional
紅豆沙 Red bean soup
綠豆沙 Green bean soup, sometimes with sea weeds
喳喳 Mixed beans soup (Malaysian style)
芝麻糊 Black sesame soup
Something different! 鳳爪 Chicken feet
鴨腳扎 Duck feet
牛肚 ‘Inside’ of cow


Other regional cuisine:

Beijing 北京填鴨 Peking duck – crispy skin duck
醬爆雞丁 Diced chicken in thick yummy sauce
北京水餃 pork and vegetable dumpling in soup
麻婆豆腐 Bean curd in a slight spicy sauce
豆沙鍋餅 Dessert – egg roll / pancake filled with red bean paste

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