Weather in Hong Kong: April

Home > What’s it like in HK > HongKong Weather > April Depending on the year April weather in Hong Kong can be a continuation of the poor weather in March or the start of good Spring weather.  Average temperature is about 22C (72F) with maximum...

Weather in Hong Kong: August

Home > What’s it like in HK > HongKong Weather > August August weather is probably the hottest part of the year and the time when locals are starting to get really tired of summer and wishing for the autumn cool weather to come to Hong Kong.  Being the...

Weather in Hong Kong: March

Home > What’s it like in HK > HongKong Weather > March March is the end of the winter and the beginning of Spring in Hong Kong so the weather turns towards the damp.  Long periods of drizzle add to the cold weather and make this not such a good month...
Hong Kong Typhoon Season

Hong Kong Typhoon Season

Typhoons are a fact of life living in Hong Kong and like any bad weather system are unpredictable. Nevertheless, there is a typhoon season which runs roughly from June through to October as seen in this graph of the distribution of typhoons since 1960. But as you can see even in April, October or November it is possible to have a typhoon, but that doesn’t happen very often.

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