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The village of Lei Yue Mun has long been the place to go for seafood and the official “Bazaar” is really more of a street packed with shops selling seafood, and restaurants cooking it.

As with most seafood specific eateries in Hong Kong you are free to buy your seafood, fresh and even live, and then take it to the restaurant to have it cooked.  It’s a bit like how you might take a bottle of wine to a European restaurant and be charged a “corkage”.  Here in Hong Kong you’ll be charged a cooking fee for the seafood you have brought in yourself.

Although a traditional way in Lei Yue Mun it isn’t necessary, these days restaurants also have their own sources and can provide you with any typical seafood on demand.

Walking through the streets packed with open fish tanks and examining the different sea creatures on offer is part of the experience though even if you don’t purchase from them directly.  Look out for amazing ranges of unusual fish and shellfish, watch out for slippery floors though as spilled seawater can be a hazard.

It is probably best to go at dinner time in the evening as there is more atmosphere and the view across the water is nicer.  You can see the nearby industrial buildings a little less clearly in the dark!


Getting there:

1. Though traditionally people took little boats, the sam pans, to get to Lei Yue Mun the much more practical way these days is train.  Take the MTR Island line to Quarry Bay, change to the Tsuen Kwan O line and take it to Yau Tong station.  Exit at A2 and take green minibus 24 to Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Pier, follow the signs, about a 15-minute walk until you get to the area with all the restaurants.

2. If you really want to cross by boat like in the old days then try taking the MTR Island line all the way to Sai Wan Ho, walk to the ferry pier and then take the small ferry from there across to Lei You Moon.


There is a nice little Tin Hau Temple overlooking the water which is very old and has good views over the water.

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