The entrance to Camel Paint Building (block 3) is in a small alley. This is a very good place to buy shoes in Hong Kong. Camel Paint Building has lots of different shops if you look upstairs but it is most famous for its cheap shoes.

You can get very good prices on last years shoes at these sorts of outlets. Adidas is one of the very famous shoe and sportswear brands that keep their old stock at Camel Paint Building.

This is the inside of a shoe shop/sports accessories. The shop is owned by Heng Fu Sport company which has many different brands of shoes at very reasonable prices.

Camel Paint Building Block 3

Block 3 doesn’t look like much from the outside but on the inside, there is a myriad of small shops from household cleaning appliances to cafes. You go up using a big lift that was from when the building was used for industrial purposes. I advise going to the top and working your way down the entire building to be sure not to miss anything.

You will find the stairs at the end of the corridor, it is very loud from the noise of the cars going past on the road below but the bright orange stairs in a grubby building makes it highly Instagrammable. We can only guess who decided to use orange for the walls of the stairs when the inside of the building really needs it a lot more.

Each of the shops inside are quite small and are packed full of interesting things. You should definitely pop your head inside each one to have a look at what they have.

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