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Hong Kong Holidays/ Festivals 2018
2015 Calendar below for reference
The first day of January 1 Jan
Chinese New Year of the Goat 19 Feb
The second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year

Che Kung's Birthday

20 Feb
The third day of the Lunar New Year 21 Feb
Spring Lantern Festival / Yuen Siu 5 Mar
Chinese Groundhog Day 6 Mar
Ching Ming Festival 5 Apr
The day following Ching Ming Festival 6 Apr
Good Friday 3 Apr
The day following Good Friday 4 Apr
Easter Monday 6 Apr
Labour Day 1 May
Birthday of Tin Hau 11 May
Buddha’s Birthday and Cheung Chau Bun Festival

also Tam Kung's Birthday

25 May
Tuen Ng /  Dragon Boat Festival 20 Jun
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day 1 July
Kwan Tai / Kwan Gon's Birthday 8 Aug
Seventh Goddess' Day / Tsat-je 20 Aug
Chinese Ghosts Festival / Yue Lan 27 Aug
Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival / Moon Festival 27 Sep
Day after Mid-Autumn Festival

Monkey King Festival

28 Sep
Confucius' Birthday/Teacher's Day 9 Oct
Chinese National Day 1 Oct
Chung Yeung Festival  
Winter Solstice 22 Dec
Christmas Day 25 Dec
Boxing Day 26 Dec


Hong Kong Festivals 2016
Hong Kong Festivals 2017




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Hong Kong City Tours - Evaluation

Cruise / Island Hopping Tours    Macau and China Tours

Product Name Duration  
Hong Kong Island Tour 5 hours  
Click here for more information. Limited time to experience Hong Kong? Then you will enjoy this tour… You will savor the spectacular view from Victoria Peak, see a 'floating community' - still very much a part of Hong Kong's society and pick up some bargains at Stanley Market. A tour not to be missed while in Hong Kong.
  Click here for more information and Booking Details »  
* Not a bad choice as a starter to see what Hong Kong is like and visit the Stanley Market.
Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong 4-5 hours  
Click here for more information. This tour will introduce you to the cultural side of the New Territories, which occupies 980 square km or 91% of Hong Kong's land area. You will visit ancient temples, small villages, fish and duck ponds, monasteries and you will have time for shopping at local markets. If history interests you - don't miss this tour!
Off the beaten track from the city’s high rise apartment to the suburban area. You will be astonished at how much remain from 6000 years of human settlement in the territory across ancient archaeological site, traditional Chinese structures, temples to different clan’s ancestral halls around the cultural side of New Territories, which occupies 980 square km or 91% of Hong Kong’s land area.

The tour begins with an impressive Buddhist Monastery (Chuk Lam Shim Yuen), housing the 3 largest 'Precious Buddha' statues in Hong Kong. The complex includes many features of traditional Chinese architecture and surrounded by a beautiful plantation of bamboo trees. Heading up to the highest mountain Tai Mo Shan (Big Hat Mountain), you will have a panoramic view of Lam Chuen Valley, Shek Kong Airport and Camps, and see the nearby cities in China at the Route Twisk Look Out Point.

Our next stop is to visit the Tin Hau Temple (Goddess of the Sea). The temple was built in 1736 near Tai Po in Lam Tsuen, local come to the temple for guidance by shaking the prediction box, especially fishing folks. Next to the Tin Hau Temple, is the magnificent Wishing Tree where people write wishes on colorful papers and throw them into the air to catch on the tree, it will mean the wishes are granted.

The tour will then take you to the Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hal, that was built in 1525 in honor of the founding ancestor. Tang Chung Ling (1302-1387). The building is exquisitely decorated with fine wood-carvings, fully reflecting the superb craftsmanship of the old days. Next to the ancestral hall is Lo Wai, which is the first and one of the five renowned walled villages in Lung Yeuk Tau, Fanling was established by the Tang clan whose ancestors branched out from the main Tang settlement in Kam Tin in the 13 century.

  Click here for more information and Booking Details »  
* New Territories is more difficult for non-local people to visit because firstly you don't have the information and secondly transport arrangement can be complicated.  This tour will show you what Hong Kong was like when people live as a farmer.  The Wishing Tree, however, was overloaded with wishes and collapsed a bit in Feb 2005.  I expect there will be maintenance work around the tree now.
Kowloon and New Territories Tour (Itinerary 1) 4 hours  
Click here for more information. Spend 4 hours admiring the picturesque scenery of the New Territories and experience the history of the region that was once the natural boundary between Hong Kong and China. Relax in comfort and listen to the crew narrate the local points of interest, book today to avoid disappointment…
The tour heads northwest through the densely populated districts of Kowloon (which house hundreds of thousands of residents) passing Kwai Chung Container Terminal and Tsuen Wan Industrial Town, to Tuen Mun (another satellite town under intense development) where the Ching Chun Temple is situated. The visit to the temple gives one a brief introduction to Taoism, the earliest religion in China with a traceable written history, dating back to about 4,700 years ago.

From Tuen Mun, along a high-speed motorway, the tour proceeds to Yuen Long (one of the oldest towns in New Territories, gifted with a fertile hinterland). From Yuen Long onward, you pass numerous fishponds, duck farms, orchards, vegetable fields, and farmlands. Proceed next to Lok Ma Chau for a glimpse of Sham Chun River, which was formerly the natural boundary between the SAR (Special Administrative Region - Hong Kong) and Mainland China. Then, past the three 18-hole golf courses of Fanling, onward, the tour passes Tai Po, the Chinese University, the world renowned Shatin Race Course and Shatin new town with the legendary Amah Rock in the distance. Emerging from Lion Rock Tunnel, you are soon back in the city.


  Click here for more information and Booking Details »  
* This tour passes many different places in Hong Kong in 4 to 5 hours and it's a long ride from Kowloon to somewhere you can see Sham Chun River (Shenzhen) so do expect to spend most of your time on the coach and may not have much time to browse around but you definitely will see many different places.
Kowloon and New Territories Tour (Itinerary 2) 4 hours  
Click here for more information. Take a look into other side of Hong Kong. This tour makes several interesting stops on the way to the border with China, including Wongtaisin Temple, the larges in Hong Kong and have the opportunity to glimpse the skyline of China's Shenzhen special economic zone. Also, Tsang Tai Uk which is a magnificent example of a fortified village, see it today as it was in the early 1800's.
The tour commences from Kowloon Peninsula and makes several interesting stops on the way to and from the border with China. Wongtaisin Temple is the largest Taoist temple in Hong Kong and is visited annually by more than 3 million worshippers. No other temple presents visitors with such insight into Chinese religious beliefs and practices.

A typical old-style rural local market to sells fresh produce, daily necessities and electronic equipment. Lok Ma Chau is a good vantage point to glimpse the remarkable skyline of China’s Shenzhen special economic zone.

Tsang Tai Uk is near the approach road to the Lion Rock Tunnel is an outstanding example of a fortified village. The name means ”Tsang’s Big House”. Built in the 1840s, it is a large, rectangular grey-brick compound with high, thick walls and tall corner towers. Originally designed as the home for a rich quarry-master’s clan, the walled village gained its current name when it gave refuge to displaced families after the Second World War.


  Click here for more information and Booking Details »  
*WongTaiSin Temple is one of the most popular temple in Hong Kong so it will be an interesting place to see how the locals worship their gods.  Tsang Tai Uk is worth seeing for the historic value.
Ocean Park Tour 6 hours  
Click here for more information. Experience the magic of one of the most spectacular oceanariums in the world - Ocean Park! Come and experience the largest marine theatre as well as Sea lions, dolphins, sharks, penguins and killer whales… They are all housed in similar to their own natural habitat. If you love the thrill of excitement you may wish to ride the exhilarating Rollercoaster, Spider, Space Wheel and Raging River.
Ocean Park is one of the most spectacular oceanariums in the world with the largest marine theatre. It is also an amusement park perched around two mountain peaks, with an area of 870,000 square meters.

A breath-taking 8-minute ride by cable car to the headland gives a glorious view of Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay, Aberdeen and the South China Sea. Sea lions, dolphins and sharks are housed in stimulated environments similar to their natural habitat and will show off their spectacular tricks to thrill you at the Ocean Theatre. Also an excellent opportunity to see its four most popular guests – giant pandas.

The park also offers a full range of hair raising rides;

  • The exhilarating Dragon Roller Coaster
  • The thrilling Mine Train
  • Flying Swing
  • The Eagle
  • the latest Abyss Turbo Drop (this guarantees you the utmost excitement by a sudden downward plunge from as high as a 20-storey building)
      Click here for more information and Booking Details »  
    * The Ocean Park is worth going especially as a family outing. Any typical package is not a good deal, however.  You can go by yourself and have more control of your own time. 

    There is a bus next to the Star Ferry in Hong Kong island which will take you right outside the Ocean Park. A package ticket can be bought at the ticket office by the bus station. 

    The Land Between Tour 6 hours  
    Click here for more information. This is a tour which will change your impression of Hong Kong from its concrete city to rural beauty. 'The Land Between' stands both as a gentle reminder of Hong Kong's past as well as a symbol of its hope and plan for the future. Come and experience it all on this tour - rural countryside, banana plantations and rural markets.
    This is a tour which will change your impression of Hong Kong from its concrete city to rural beauty. 'The Land Between' stands both as a gentle reminder of Hong Kong's past as well as a symbol of its hope and plan for the future.

    The tour will stop at Yuem Yuen Institute which demonstrates the significance of contributions from Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist to the society. Then it's out into the countryside, past banana plantations and up Tai Mo Shan, the tallest mountain in Hong Kong, for a panoramic view of Hong Kong Island and Tsuen Wan industrial town to the south. 'The Land Between' continues heading to the north through the rural countryside passing Shek Kong and Lam Chuen Valley to the traditional rural market at Luen Wo. Browse among colorful stalls piled high with dried fish, herbs and vegetables, fresh fruit and flowers - a pungent combination.

    Then it's time to head for the boundary with China, stopping at Luk Keng. Nearby are a Hakka Village and a bird sanctuary where Chinese pond herons and night herons nest. Next, it's a trip through the Plover Cove Country park, and on to Sam Mun Tsai fishing village to see how local fisherfolk breed fish in submerged cages.

    Finally, 'The land between' will return to city via the new industrial town of Tai Po, and drive past the Chinese University and on to Sha Tin, once a sleepy village and now the site of an impressive new town. In Sha Tin, visit the state-of-the-art Sha Tin Racecourse (This stop will be omitted on race days). The tour concludes with a Chinese lunch at a popular restaurant in New Territories.


      Click here for more information and Booking Details »  
    Come Horse Racing Tour 5 hrs (Night Racing) or 7 hrs (Day Racing)  
    Click here for more information. Racing in Hong Kong is a big event. "Happy Valley" as it is know, is a magnificent race track set amongst the sky scrapers of busy Hong Kong, which gives you some idea of how seriously Hong Kong people take their racing. A spectacular event, well worth the visit !
    Exclusively for overseas visitors, this tour allows you to experience the fever-pitch atmosphere of Hong Kong's horse races. Race meetings are hold on mostly Wednesday evenings and weekends throughout September to June, annually. For Day Racing, this tour will most probably be held at Shatin Racecourse and Night Racing at Happy Valley Racecourse. However, race fixtures are subject to change by the Hong Kong Jockey Club without prior notice.

    This tour is restricted to bona fide tourists who are over 18 years of age and have been in Hong Kong for less than 21 days, holding a valid overseas passports. Dress code is smart casual. Specifically no tracksuits, vests, shorts, overalls or sports shoes. Tour includes transportation to and from the track, entry to the visitor's box inside the Members Enclosure, one welcome drink, an international buffet lunch or dinner at the Jockey Club, a welcome pack with a HK$10 betting voucher and a tour to the parade ring and winning post.


      Click here for more information and Booking Details »  
    Feng Shui Tour 3 1/2 hours  
    Click here for more information. Interested in the origins of Feng Shui? Then this tour is just for you… Experience some of the sights in Hong Kong where this 3,000 year old art form is in good configuration that brings 'good Feng Shui' to this city. This art aims at creating a harmonious living environment between mankind and nature & enables us to enjoy health & prosperity.
    Feng Shui, or 'wind and water', is a 3,000 year old form of divination which aims at creating a harmonious living environment between mankind and nature, and enables us to enjoy health and prosperity.

    A stop at the Lung Cheung Road Lookout permits us to view the old Kai Tak International Airport and examine how the geographical make-up of Hong Kong meets the criteria of forming a good configuration that brings 'good Feng Shui' to the area.

    The second stop will be at Wanchai to look at the Nine Dragon Wall. Businessmen are concerned about the Feng Shui influences surrounding them. The Nine Dragon Wall at the China Resources Building enables us to understand Feng Shui application in this modern commercial society.

    The final stop will be a walk through Central, the heart of Hong Kong's commercial and financial district. Besides enjoying looking at the skyscrapers, you are going to learn how Feng Shui has its effect on different buildings, such as the Hong Kong Bank, the Standard Chartered Bank and the Bank of China.


      Click here for more information and Booking Details »  
    Morning Tea and Tai Chi Tour 4 1/2 hours  
    Click here for more information. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial artform that helps restore balance of yin and yang, nature's ancient energy force. The graceful movements are a perfect way to relax the mind while toning the body. Morning exercise is followed by a Dim Sum breakfast, a visit to the Bird Garden and you'll watch a demonstration of tea making and tea drinking etiquette, Hong Kong style.
    Start your day early at a beautiful park and learn the basics of the ancient and health-giving Chinese martial artform of Tai-Chi, or "shadow boxing" from an experienced English speaking master of the sport. Tai-Chi helps restore balance of the yin and yang, nature's ancient energy forces.

    The graceful movements are a perfect way to work up a good appetite before you proceed for a local Chinese restaurant to enjoy the dim sum treats served in distinctive bamboo steamers off a trolley.

    In ancient times, morning exercise and Dim Sum breakfast cannot go without one's companions - the birds, which are pets of Chinese people. A visit to the Bird Garden gives you a pleasant experience watching local fanciers stroll among their feathered friends while the bird-owners proudly show off their companions' dulcet chirps and thrills.

    Afterwards, proceed to a Tea House where you will be introduced to the mystery and lore of this beloved beverage - Kung Fu tea. The word "Kung Fu" carries the meaning of "Laborious" and "complicated" that go with the preparation process of this drinking style. You'll watch a demonstration of tea making and tea drinking etiquette, Hong Kong style, to initiate you into the wonderful world of tea.


      Click here for more information and Booking Details »


    Hong Kong Hotel to Airport transfer 1 - 1 1/2 hours  
    Click here for more information. Save time and money and book your transfer services before you go! You will be met by an English speaking representative at your hotel and transferred to the Hong Kong Airport. This way you will assured of not missing your flight.


      Click here for more information and Booking Details »  

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