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Hong Kong Holidays/ Festivals 2018
2015 Calendar below for reference
The first day of January 1 Jan
Chinese New Year of the Goat 19 Feb
The second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year

Che Kung's Birthday

20 Feb
The third day of the Lunar New Year 21 Feb
Spring Lantern Festival / Yuen Siu 5 Mar
Chinese Groundhog Day 6 Mar
Ching Ming Festival 5 Apr
The day following Ching Ming Festival 6 Apr
Good Friday 3 Apr
The day following Good Friday 4 Apr
Easter Monday 6 Apr
Labour Day 1 May
Birthday of Tin Hau 11 May
Buddha’s Birthday and Cheung Chau Bun Festival

also Tam Kung's Birthday

25 May
Tuen Ng /  Dragon Boat Festival 20 Jun
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day 1 July
Kwan Tai / Kwan Gon's Birthday 8 Aug
Seventh Goddess' Day / Tsat-je 20 Aug
Chinese Ghosts Festival / Yue Lan 27 Aug
Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival / Moon Festival 27 Sep
Day after Mid-Autumn Festival

Monkey King Festival

28 Sep
Confucius' Birthday/Teacher's Day 9 Oct
Chinese National Day 1 Oct
Chung Yeung Festival  
Winter Solstice 22 Dec
Christmas Day 25 Dec
Boxing Day 26 Dec


Hong Kong Festivals 2016
Hong Kong Festivals 2017




Home > Hong Kong Hotels > Kowloon > Tsim Sha Tsui > Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong summary

Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong


Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui is located in one of the many side streets that link to the Nathan Road.  The side streets in this part of Tsim Sha Tsui are simply full of medium to low priced trendy fashion boutiques and factory outlets. Beauty salons and cosmetic shops top it up to be the beauty centre in Kowloon.   



When you come out from the Empire Hotel Kowloon, if you turn left, it will take you to the busy main road called Nathan Road.  It’s like Orchard Road in Singapore just that Nathan Road is so long that it crosses 4 districts in Kowloon – Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordon, Yau Ma Tei and Mongkok.  On the other side of Nathan Road is Park Lane shopping area.  Above Park Lane is the Kowloon Park where you can sit and relax by the fountain or if you are with kids, they will enjoy a visit to the aviary. 

The Empire Hotel Kowloon is quite close to the Science Museum and Hong Kong Museum of History.  Notice that these museums open in the afternoon and are free on Wednesday.  The only catch to go on Wednesday is that it will be full of school kids and parents who take their children there so it can be quite noisy and more crowded than usual. 

The Hotel

The Empire Hotel Kowloon looks new and modern outside.  The lobby is spacious and has very high ceiling.  The reception desk is on the left hand side while lounge bar and restaurant can be accessed from the steps on the right.  (more pictures of the Empire Hotel)

Empire Hotel Kowloon looks pretty new and modern from outside, as you can see from the pictures.

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

More pictures below.

Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong outside Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong

Empire Hotel Kowloon's Restaurants:

I haven’t stayed there and don’t know anyone who had so I don’t know the quality and status of the guest rooms.  But I’ve been to their restaurant Empire’s Kitchen once for lunch.  The lunch buffet is cheap - $88 per person.  But it’s $98 for one executive set lunch.  So you go to their buffet for the varieties.  The restaurant is rectangular with windows on the narrow ends though there is not much of a view.  One odd thing in the restaurant is that there are two televisions in the restaurant and one of them with volume on.  I wonder how much is it for the customers and how much for the bored staff because the restaurant is not busy.  It was only 10% full during the whole lunch session.

Choices of appetizers are salad, cold cuts, salmon and sushi.  Green salads are of lettuce, cucumber, sweet corn, kidney beans and tomatoes, not much imported varieties of vegetables.  Pumpkin soup doesn’t taste quite right.  It seems the flour for thickening the soup is not cooked. 

You can see the small kitchen behind the main course counter.  Main course dishes are mainly Asian cuisine – fried rice, fried noodle, Choi Sum (local vegetable) with assorted mushrooms, steamed fish, deep fried sweet potatoes, ox tail stew, Thai style pandan leaves wrapped chicken and roast beef.  I like the vegetables and Thai style chicken most.

It was 2pm, I was waiting for my mum to finish her main course so that we could go and chose some desserts.  At this time, a waitress delivered two soufflés to our table.  I suppose she doesn’t want to waste it?!  Though she hasn’t asked if we want it or not.  Other desserts include cheese cake, cream cake (more of local style), fruit and Thai style coconut and sago in pandan leaves.  Maybe I have a personal preference to the pandan leaves, I also suspect that their chefs are better at Asian cuisine.

There are two other restaurants - Zino Coffee bar & Lounge and  Daidaiya Japanese Restaurant.  This is their current promotions.

  1. Zino Coffee bar & Lounge (lobby)

    For those who just want a cup of tea or coffee with a piece of cake, try their 'Afternoon Delight' which costs HK$48 per person.  If you fancy high tea, then you can try their 'Fusion High Tea' - $88 for one person or $158 for two.
  2. Empire's Kitchen (1/F) - it serves buffet and a la carte menu

    Lunch: execute set lunch is $98 per person, lunch buffet for $88 (child: $68) on weekdays.  Weekend and public holidays lunch buffet costs $78 for adult and $58 for children (12:30pm - 4:30pm, buy six get 1 free)

    Dinner: (Mon to Thu) Lobster dinner buffet is $208 for adult and $108 for children.  (Fri to Sun, public holiday eve and public holiday) $228 for adult and $128 for children.

Pictures of Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong

This is what it's like in the lobby.  The reception is on one side of the entrance and the waiting area and lounge is on another side with the lift next to the steps to the lounge.
Lift lobby of Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong
Lift to rooms and other floors.
Coffee shop of Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong
Lobby lounge of Empire Hotel Kowloon
Entrance of Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong


Main entrance of Empire Hotel Kowloon

reception of Empire Hotel Kowloon Hong Kong
Reception desk of Empire Hotel Kowloon


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